Al-Kasib Centre Of Excellence

Al-Kasib Centre of Excellence has been established in DHA Islamabad with affiliated skill centers down to village level with a focus on:-

  • Helping drop-outs through employment/entrepreneurship based education and training. Thus creating a workforce of craftsmen, artisan, multi-tradesmen, foremen & supervisors.
  • Grooming professional through continuing higher education and training with specialization on:
    • Leadership & Organizational Development
    • Entrepreneurship & Business Management
    • Project Management, Construction Management, Supply Chain Management, Design Management, Contract Management, Value Engineering, QA/QC etc
    • Education Management, Especially Training Principals & Leaders to Head Different Branches at Tehsil/Village Level
    • Media Management to Create Better Communication Skills & Hope Through Positive Media
    • Skill Development & Vocational Training.

Vocational Skills development

Fabrication Workshops

Technical & Professional Courses