Material & Technology Park (Pvt) Ltd

A specialist company raised in 2008 to :

  • Intend/trade construction materials and establish supply chain.
  • Sponsor /support fabrication in SME sector through innovation,product design and buying back for specific projects
  • Organize construction material and technologies expos and event management for industrial development and indigenization.
  • Provide on-job training platforms for capacity building of professionals and craftsmen.
  • Carry out R&D on construction materials and construction techniques to improve compatibility, climatic responsiveness and ecological impact for sustainable development. Some of the highlights of global construction technologies are reflected here.

Steel life, Turkey- Light steel construction system( Prefabricated structure system)


Integrate Investors, Traders, Technologists and Govt departments to establish tech towns along China Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) as well around mega cities. First project being planned around Hassan Abdal (near Islamabad) which is going to be hub of economic corridor with an area of influence upto Central Asia, China, India and UAE. Material & Technology Park around Hassan Abdal shall be a gateway to Pakistan near Capital, showcasing entire construction potential of Pakistan.

Research & Development

MTP initiated a research project on development of technological application in Pakistan that are being practiced in developed countries especially rapid construction technology.

Doka, Australia - Advanced forming systems( Cost & Time Effective building methods

Prilhofer, Germany - The housing unit is constructed in 24 days

Material Display Centers

Warehousing & Storages